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Here are some downloads you might find useful. All of these are FREE for personal use!!.


Microsoft Office Tutorials

Microsoft Office is probably the most common office suite out there. OfficeTutorials.com offers some free and fairly detailed lessons for beginners.





Internet Browsing

Firefox is an excellent alternative to Internet Explorer. It functions pretty much the same but has more features, runs faster, and has fewer security holes.


Get Firefox!



Antivirus Software

Most people know what viruses are but not everyone realizes how much of a problem they can be and how easily you can get them. Email is probably the most obvious way to get a virus but its not the only one. You can also get a virus from surfing or downloading from the internet and from files on CD's or floppies that people give you. Alwil Software are the creators of Avast antivirus.




Spyware / Adware Removal Software

Spybot S&D and Ad-Aware are programs for removing spyware and adware from your computer. Often times when your computer is having problems connecting to the internet or your web browser is crashing, it is not a virus, it's spy or adware. Even if you are running "fine" someone else can be "watching" you do it.







Anti-Phising Toolbar

Phishing is an internet scam that attempts to trick you into giving the criminals personal information including but not limited to bank and credit card information. These attacks are most commonly received via email. The email will look like it came from your bank, eBay, online game communities, and others. To the average person they look legitimate but they are not. When you click on the links in the email the web site you are taken to will look just like the real company's site but will steal all of the information you enter. Netcraft has developed a free toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefox that will alert you if you are at a known phishing or suspicious web site. There are also other features built in to help in this fight.





Firewall Software

Zone Labs has a free firewall software for personal use called ZoneAlarm. A firewall is used to protect your computer or network from outside attacks. Some, including this one, will also block programs already on your system from accessing the network or internet unless you want them to. Zone Labs also has versions that can be purchased but the basic version is a solid firewall program which is free for home use.





Digital Photo Organizing and Editing

Picasa is a free tool from Google. This is an excellent digital photo organizer. While it does not have the editing capabilities of other image editors it has all you need for general photo editing such as redeye removal, cropping, rotating, and more.





Image Viewer / Editor

Now this one is for those of you who are interested in more powerful digital photo and image editing. Irfanview does not have the capabilities of some pay for programs such as Photoshop but it has everything you need unless you are a professional graphics designer and is free! Don't forget to download their plug-ins for more functionality.





ZIP Utility

ZIP utilities are file compression programs that are used for many things but most commonly for conserving space on your computer or making it easier and quicker to email files to people. This one, called ZipGenius, is free and comes packed with quite a bit of functionality. It supports over 20 different file types and is easy to use.





Office Suite

OpenOffice is an alternative Office suite. It is similar to Microsoft Office or Lotus Notes and compatible with most major file formats. It includes a word processor, spreadsheet application, presentation software, and database tools. There are other features as well so check it out at:





Adobe Acrobat Reader

This comes straight from Adobe themselves. Their popular file format is used to distribute all kinds of documents from brochures to manuals and they provide a program to read these documents for free.


Get Acrobat Reader!



Dial Up Internet Access

NetZero offers several levels of internet access you can pay for but they also offer a free version as well. The free version will have some banner ads that come as part of the deal, but they are not too intrusive. They also only allow you to use up to 10 hours a month but that is not too bad if you only go online a couple times a week.




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